( New Jazz Folk Roots CD Project )
ARTIST: BIg Rude Jake


Big Rude Jake's new record is out!!! Made from guitar strings, voices and the stuff of Jazz, Gospel and Folk,  Jake and producer/arranger Gary Justice have cooked up a new spin on American songbook tradition.


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Here are some of the mixeswe were choosing from to put on the record, before they were mastered …


Jake Rude ,

Gary Justice.




Preacher's Got A Brother
(feat. Saidah Baba Talibah)

• Preacher Mix 1

Walkin' In

• Mix3+ (mastered)

Moses Heard The Calling
(feat. Gary Justice)

• Moses Mix1

Jake Rude: Vocals. / Saidah Baba Talibah: Vocals / Jake Chishom: Ac. Gtr / Gary Justice: Prepared Vocal Solo, Snare & Kik Drums

Jake Rude: Voc. / Nathan Hiltz Acoustic Gtr / George Koller: Bass / VIto Rezza:Drums / Richard Underhill : Saxes / William Sperandei: Trumpet / Steve Donald Trombone Jake Rude: Call Vocals & Chains / Gary Justice: Answer Vocals , Acoustic Gtr, Knee Slaps & Cardboard Boxes

Stealin' Away

• Ambient P Mix
• 7th Story Balcony Mix
• Misty Mix

The Jelly Song

• Stompin' Mix
•Red Flame Mix
Lone Stride Mix

Your Heart Belongs To You

Analog Cartoon Mix

Jake Rude: Voc, Ac.Gtr / Dennis Keldie: Piano /Gary Justice: Ambient Piano / Nathan Hiltz Elect Gtr / George Koller: Bass / VIto Rezza:Drums  Jake Rude: Voc, Gtr. on Bareback Mix / Jake Chisholm: Gtr (Tea Room Mix & Flaming Mix) / Dennis Keldie: Accordion / Gary Justice: Bass / Maureen Brown: Perc: / Jasmine Jones & Dionne Wilson: Gospel Vocals

Jake Rude: Voc & Gtr / Gary Justice: Snare Drum & Pianos

Good Mornin' Jazz Man

• JazzMan Midnight Mix (Mix1a)

Road Outta Hell

• Mix 3 (Blues Mix)
• Mix 1 (Happy Mix)
• MIx 0 (Solo mix)
• Inside Out Mix


Jake Rude: Voc. / Paul Packanowski: Tenor Sax / Robi Botos: Piano / George Koller: Bass / VIto Rezza:Drums

Mix 3: Jake Rude: Voc. / Howard Moore: Trumpets / Gary Justice: B.G. vocals & Acoustic Gtr / George Koller: Bass / VIto Rezza:Drums

Mix1: Robbie Botos Piano, Ron Allen Sax

Mix 0: Jake Rude: Vocals & Acoustic Gtr





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