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Greenfield Urban Music Projects

In Development:

slo fuse

Slo Fuse ( R&B CD project)   more info...

World Of Pain.mp3
Vocals: Tia Thomas
Sax & flutes: Ron Allen

One More Time.mp3
Vocals: Mz Mosea & Greenfield

Vocals:  Jaqe McGibbon & Carlos Morgan

All songs written & prod by Greenfield

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tour de force

Tour De Force: History
(hip hop CD project)

Vocals:  Amoy Levy,  Moka Only
Written by Greenfield, Moka Only, Prod by Greenfield

Test Tone.mp3
Here's the raw.  This track is going into production shortly

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Jack-It! : Jigglin'
(Booty CD Project )

Blo Your Horn.mp3
  Vocals: Susie Chee & Fernando, Written & prod by Greenfield

Jiggle 'em Jewels.mp3
 Vocals: Susie Chee, Fernando & Fitzgerald Written & prod by Greenfield

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